Modern cross-platform apps

Built on the Microsoft Stack

Hi, my name's Mat and I'm a software developer focusing on web and mobile apps.

I build modern responsive web apps and powerful cross-platform mobile apps.

I use Microsoft stack technologies for my work.

I live on the island of Mallorca.


Why use the Microsoft stack?

Microsoft have been investing heavily into its web and mobile technolgies, and has even open-sourced much of it, including .NET Core.
The company has seemed to lag behind internet technolgies that were seized upon by Google and Amazon, and Windows Server struggled to compete with Linux for many years.
But all that has changed. Microsoft's Core platform was completely re-written from the ground up and is a very fast and robust solution for creating and running mobile and web applications.
The C# language can be used to build the apps that run on .NET Core, allowing one language to be used for most development tasks.
This combination allows me to create cross-platform apps without the need to use multiple languages. Using the Microsoft stack I am limiting the scope for errors in my work and allows me to concentrate on a single group of technolgies that provide rapid solutions to my requirements.