.NET Web Applications

Server-side framework

.NET is a server-side technology built by Microsoft. It is now Open Source and cross-platform, but web applications built using this framework will need to be hosted on a Microsoft Server.

.NET makes use of the C# language, which was also developed by Microsoft. Although used mainly by industry and large corporations, using the .NET framework for smaller websites makes sense, too. It is a very secure and robust framework. I can build Core 3 Razor pages or MVC (Model View Controller) websites very quickly due to the nature of the platform.

.NET is intended to be used with a database and this is where its strength really lies. I have a choice of what database systems I use, though I tend to lean towards MSSQL or MySQL. The technology within the .NET framework allows tremendous control over the database and its entities and stability.

I can also provide a .NET Content Management System called Umbraco. Having a CMS is very useful if you make regular non-dynamic changes to your website, such as creating or editing pages for your Real Estate website. A CMS allows a user to concentrate more on the content of the website rather than the coding behind it.

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