The cost

How much will any of this cost?

I charge at a rate of 70€ per hour and Spanish VAT of 21% is added to this upon invoice.

The average time to complete a basic website using the .NET framework is 10 hours. By 'basic website' I mean several pages of content with images and a contact page.

As a website grows in complexity so does the amount of time I need to build it. Any database needs will require additional setup costs.

And if you just want a simple home page and not much else, then that'll take me around an hour.

A mobile app takes longer to develop than most websites due to the nature of the technology. There's a lot of programming involved in my mobile app development and that equates to more time spent. On average it takes me around 100 hours to get a mobile app built.

Game development is also time consuming but the Godot game engine allows me to develop the game without too much coding, which does save quite a lot of time, and it's also great fun!

Regardless of the app you want, before a single line of code is written I work with my client to agree a price, strategy and timeline for the project. This ensures the cost won't spiral out of control.

If hosting is required for websites, I have excellent cloud hositng on my Windows Server 2019 at very competitive rates.