Xamarin Mobile Applications

Cross-platform mobile apps

Xamarin is a technology that allows the use of the .NET framework and the C# language to be used to develop software that will run on Linux systems. It has now been further developed to run on UNIX-like systems such as Apple’s iOS and macos. As the Android operating system is Linux this means that developers used to coding in C# don’t need to concern themselves about learning more languages to allow them to create mobile apps for Android and the iPhone. They can continue with their chosen language of C# and using the Visual Studio IDE creative native cross-platform apps.

Using Xamarin means that a lot of the code used in building an Android app is used for the iOS app. Although there are some additions that need to be made to the iOS code, and it also needs to be compiled using a Mac computer, it’s basically the same code. This makes dramatically speeds up the development time when creating apps for both Android and iOS.

Xamarin is now owned by Microsoft and is part of their .NET Framework set of tools.

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